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Celsia, energy in action
Celsia is a utility company specialized in the electricity generation and distribution business. Currently we have an installed generation capacity of 1,777 MW, represented in 16 plants located in six departments of Colombia.
We have a 50.01% participation in the Empresa de Energía del Pacifico S.A E.S.P (Pacific Energy Company), EPSA, which participates in the four components of the energy business: generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization, with presence in the departments of Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Tolima. EPSA also has a majority stake in the Compañía de Energía de Tuluá S.A E.S.P (Electricity Company Tuluá), CETSA, which serves the town of Tuluá.

We work under an excellence focus, seeking results that create value over time for all our groups of interest, through an ethical and transparent manner, with balance between economic efficiency, development and social inclusion and respect for the environment.

URL: http://www.celsia.com/


Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB)

Established in 1973, Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB) is a leading multi-disciplinary consultancy firm fully owned by the Government of Sri Lanka. CECB has experience in working with international consultants and funding agencies, and has provided consultancy services for major development projects in Sri Lanka and the South Asian Region.

The principal fields of operation of CECB include Water Resources Development, Hydropower Development, Structural Engineering, Transportation & Highways, Environmental Engineering, Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Architectural & Building services, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. The services provided are project identification, feasibility studies, site investigations, designs, contract administration and project management services.

The professional staff of CECB includes Engineers, Architects, Geologists and Computer Specialists, and most of them have received post-graduate training overseas.



CESEL S.A. is a consulting company with 41 years of experience in consulting engineering through multiple integrated disciplines. Our headquarters are located in Lima, Peru with branches and offices in several countries of Latin America.

We develop studies, designs and engineering development; perform engineering and construction supervision; and provide engineering and construction project management services through our twelve operating divisions.

URL: www.cesel.com.pe


CIMEQH: Colegio de Ingenieros Mecánicos, Electricistas y Químicos de Honduras

The association of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical and Chemical of Honduras (CIMEQH) is a non-profit, apolitical institution whose main objective is to ensure the country’s technological development.

CIMEQH controls the good practices and update their members, trying to qualify them by the acquisition of knowledge, new technology etc. in order to achieve greater productivity and competitiveness in professional services.

URL: http://www.cimeqh.org


Consejo Departamental de Lima – del Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru

Professional non-profit Institution with more tan 60.000 members. The organization is comitted to the needs of our engineers. We represent, promote and defend the profession and the practice of enginnering in the city of Lima

Example projects:
Professional updating in hydropower projects
Projects in safety construction of dams
Upgrade of hydroelectric equipment


Consultora Socioambiental del Neotrópico S.A

Strategic planning. Planning and Project management. Evaluation of Environmental impact. Systems of Environmental Management, Occupational health and Industrial Security. Territorial ordering. (Integrated Management of river basins, regulating Plans and development of indices of environmental fragility) Our company  is also dedicated to social environmental management. Our main objective is promoting sustainable development production and services derived from the conservation and use resources; ground, water and biodiversity, especially the tie ones to the dominant benefits derived from the investigation, hydraulic engineers, biological and landscaping.  Our organization is bound to the opportunities express in the agreements and conventions that the Costa Rican State has ratified or ratifies in the matter of waters, renewable biodiversity, forests, residues, energies, use of the ground,energy efficiency , as well as in climate change. The Socioambiental Consultant of Neotrópico S.A. works with  associated specialists, within the areas of civil, electrical, electronic, mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as in Biology, ecology, geology and hydrogeology, archaeology and anthropology, properly credited before the environmental authority of Costa Rica, with whom it undertakes the different studies and projects for which it is contracted. His president and legal representative, Juan Carlos Romero Gutiérrez , is member of the board of directors of the Costa Rican Association of Consultants in Socioambiental Management, ACGA.


Department of Civil Engineering, University of Dar Es Salaam

The University of Dar es Salaam was born out of a decision taken on March 25th, 1970, by the East African Authority, to split the then University of East Africa into three independent universities for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The University consists of six faculties, five institutes and two colleges: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Faculty of Commerce and Management; Faculty of Education; Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Science; Institute of Development Studies; Institute of Kiswahili Research; Institute of Marine Sciences; Institute of Production Innovation; Institute of Resource Assessment; the University College of Lands and Architectural Studies and the Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences.

For purposes of maintaining East African inter-university academic cooperation and communication, an Inter-University Council for East Africa was set up in 1970. The Council has established an Inter-University Exchange Programme, through which the University admits students from other East African countries mainly Kenya and Uganda. The University also admits students from several other countries the world-over through established links, exchange programmes or individual applications. Most of these students receive their bursaries from their respective governments. Students from other countries are considered for admission to both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, subject to the availability of vacancies.

URL: http://www.udsm.ac.tz/


Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU)

The department is engaged in education and research within hydraulic engineering, hydropower development, hydrology, urban water systems, environmental engineering and solid waste management.

Our ambition:
To be the undisputedly most important centre of competence with in the area of hydraulic and environmental engineering in Norway-as well as being at level with the best centres internationally. We have a very comprehensive research activity of high quality, and internationally oriented in good cooperation with SINTEF.

Our greatest challenge:
To recruit as many students to our study program as is required by those engineering areas that we serve in society

Our short-time goal:
To get better cooperation with other departments and study programs in our new faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

URL: http://www.ivt.ntnu.no/ivm/english/index.php


DynaVec AS

DynaVec designs, manufactures and installs innovative Francis and Pelton turbines for our customers worldwide. The turbines are optimized to withstanding large amounts of sediment load with minimal erosion, hence reducing operational downtime and increasing energy generation.

DynaVec´s main focus is developing turbines and pumps for operation in environments with severe sand erosion challenges. Our innovative solutions provide better weighted efficiency and cost framework than what is available in today’s market.

DynaVec comprises of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience within the hydropower and renewable energy sector.

DynaVec works in close cooperation with well-known national and international actors, including Norwegian Statkraft, SN Power, Statoil and Andritz Hydro. DynaVec runners are intended for both the refurbishment (upgrading) and the new hydropower plant segment.

Some projects: Cahua (Peru), La Higuera and Carena(Chile), Bajo Tulua (Columbia), Forrest Kerr (Canada) and Khimti (Nepal)


East African Power LTD

EAP drives impact capital into renewable energy projects throughout East Africa, building its holdings companies to better develop, construct, own, and operate its renewable energy and community development projects. While EAP is focused on developing clean energy projects in the range of 1-10 MW, it is also currently developing a multi-million dollar social impact fund for sub-1MW grid-connected and off-grid mini-hydropower projects. These projects are envisioned to have an emphasis on local community and social impact.

Example projects:

Hydropower Plant Projects

  • Rubagabaga Hydropower Ltd
  • Kilimbi I&II Hydropower Ltd, among others…

URL: https://www.eastafricanpower.com/