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Hobuka Ltd

by | Sep 2, 2021 | H, Members

HOBUKA Ltd is a local consulting and technology development firm. The company activities interconnect three departments which are Energy, ICT and Sustainable Development.
Our current Energy projects include but not limited to:

  • Mudasomwa PicoHydro plant (35 KW)
  • Kabebe Picohydro plant (31 KW)
  • GACUMU MHPP – Micro Hydro Power Plant: 399Kw;
  • Advisory services to the international developer for Rusizi III (145 Mw), River: Rusizi with three off-takers from Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.
  • Advisory services to an international EPC Contractor for financing and constructing 2,000 km of transmission and distribution lines for the Government of Cameroun
  • Solar Energy products ( in partnership with TIGER POWER, a Belgium-based young innovative company that was created to develop and commercialize innovative clean energy solutions to off- grid and poor-grid market)

Apart from the listed projects, We are currently developing the following applications for monitoring and evaluation of our energy products:

  • Power producers and off-grid providers MIS
  • Meter reading and monitoring system
  • Transformer monitoring system ( transformer data, power quality ,alarm abnormal event,…)

URL: http://www.hobuka.com

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