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by | Nov 9, 2021 | Asia

In the last five years, ICH has increased its engagement with a range of gender programmes across all regions. ICH has focused on training and strengthening human capital, providing management tools to incorporate these principles into strategic and operational plans. The practical nature of the courses leads to more integration of knowledge into implementation practices using case studies and experienced practitioners. ICH training programmes offer an innovative approach to the hydropower sector’s environmental, social, and economic value creation. Prompting cultural transformation in participants work environments, adopting new trends, striving for efficiency in its value chain, and being responsive to the needs of the different stakeholders.

This course builds on the foundational knowledge introduced by the Gender and Hydropower training (Part I) held in Nepal in May 2019 and is designed to impart practical tools for companies and hydropower projects to ensure sustainable outcomes including a vibrant, diverse, and efficient workforce.

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Gestión de Género IV-Capacidades que transforman.

Medellín, Colombia. 29 noviembre -2 diciembre 2022. Desarrollo de liderazgo y gestión de género en el sector de energías renovables. La gestión de género es una oportunidad que permite encontrar factores habilitadores y capacidades distintivas para la...

Revenue Protection and Smart Metering – Cambodia

24 to 28 October 2022 This training course has been developed as a comprehensive and interactive course on reducing revenue leakages and infrastructure crimes in electricity utilities, and includes the use of Smart Metering. The course is designed for professionals...

Planning and design of hydropower headworks in sediment loaded rivers

Nepal 3 - 8. November 2022 This workshop offers you, within the framework of lectures, laboratory experiments and field excursions, better insight in planning and design of headworks for the mitigation of sediment induced problems. Senior professionals involved...

Resettlement Module II- Asia Regional Training

Bangkok 18 -22. October 2022.  Resettlement impacts constitute the most significant social risk in the implementation of hydropower schemes. This highly interactive training is a deep dive into the process of resettlement, specifically designed for practitioners....