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Payandab Tava Consulting Engineers

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Members, P

Payandab Tava Consulting Engineers was established in March 2004.
At first, Managers and technical staffs of this company were representative of Farazamin Consulting Engineers in Isfahan. During that time they performed several projects in water engineering.
Payandab Tavan Consulting Engineers is one of the ranked Iranian Consulting Engineers firms in the field of Water Resources Development and Irrigation and Drainage Networks, Water and Waste Water Engineering and Environment.
Payandab Tavan Consulting Engineers can consult in the following fields:
– Water Resources Development,
– Irrigation & Drainage Networks,
– Water Supply & Water Distribution Systems,
– Waste Water Collection Systems & Waste Water Treatment,
– Flood Control & River Engineering,
– Dam and Hydropower Engineering.

URL: http://www.payandab.com

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