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by | Sep 2, 2021 | E, Members

EPM is a public utilities company that has a story to tell, with facts and figures of social and environmental responsibility that gives meaning to their origin, their development and business strategy. In its first stage, EPM only attended the inhabitants of Medellín, which began operations in 1955. Since then it has reached a high development that is at the forefront of the public services sector in Colombia. Organized under the guise of “industrial and commercial state enterprise” , owned by the Municipality of Medellín, EPM prints the highest international standards of quality to the services provided. electricity, mains gas, water and sanitation experience, financial strength, transparency and technical capacity are the main features that identify This organization, whose primary focus is its social and environmental responsibility. EPM reaches 123 municipalities of Antioquia. In Medellín and the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley serves 3.6 million inhabitants.

URL: http://www.epm.com.co/site/

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