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East African Power LTD

by | Sep 2, 2021 | E, Members

EAP drives impact capital into renewable energy projects throughout East Africa, building its holdings companies to better develop, construct, own, and operate its renewable energy and community development projects. While EAP is focused on developing clean energy projects in the range of 1-10 MW, it is also currently developing a multi-million dollar social impact fund for sub-1MW grid-connected and off-grid mini-hydropower projects. These projects are envisioned to have an emphasis on local community and social impact.

Example projects:

Hydropower Plant Projects

  • Rubagabaga Hydropower Ltd
  • Kilimbi I&II Hydropower Ltd, among others…

URL: https://www.eastafricanpower.com/

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Electricity Transmission and Distribution for the Future

The course will be run for an international audience. Course dates: 12-16. June 2023 Themes: how modern transmission-/ distribution-grids work and operate. the actors and their role in the power sector. the environmental and social implications of transmission-/...

Presentation of the 2023 ICH course portfolio

The 2023 Annual meeting for ICH's members were held on 13. April 2023. Prior to the meeting the staff of ICH presented the 2023 course portfolio. The slides from the presentations can be found here: International courses Africa courses Asia and Latin America...

Turbine Testing Lab Hydropower Financing and Risks- Nepal

A one-day training program on financing and risks related to hydropower development, organised together with Kathmandu University, Turbine Testing Lab. New methodologies and standards in the field will be highlighted and discussed. Topics: - Project Finance...

Hydropower Financing and Risk Management – Nepal

A Cooperation between IPPAN, IFC and ICH, this course will provide participants with insight into a variety of financing models for hydropower projects looking at both private and public requirements and solutions. Participants will be introduced to concepts...