Vietnam Hydraulic Engineering Consultant Corporation

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 Our areas of expertise:

Preparing hydraulic and hydropower construction investment projects.
Construction investigations (including topographic, geologic, hydrologic. Environmental and geophysical investigations)
Design and construction of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical projects. Foundation and body treatment of hydraulic, hydropower projects by grouting.
Providing consulting services on tender.
Appraising investment projects.
Construction supervision consultancy.
Project management.
Laboratory and field tests on soil, rock and water analysis.
Rural and infrastructure development.
Technological transfer.
Manufacturing mechanical equipment.
Training engineering consultancy titles.



Volta River Authority

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VRA is currently a state-owned wholesale power generation company with 1,866 MW of installed capacity. Until 2006, VRA was a generation and transmission company but in December, 2006 the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) was carved out of VRA as an autonomous state-owned electric transmission utility as part of a larger power sector restructuring effort to functionally separate wholesale power generation and transmission. VRA is still a state-owned company, but now a generation-only company and it is not affiliated with GRIDCo. VRA is currently the largest generation owner by installed and operable MW capacity.

Services offered.
Services offered by VRA include:
• Maintenance of Generating Facilities (Thermal and Hydro)
• Rehabilitation of Power Plants
• Management and operating of Generating Facilities
• Management of Power Projects
• Design of Power Infrastructure
• Contract Management
• Power System Planning
• Auditing of Generation and Transmission Facilities
• Dam Safety Management
• Dam Inspections
• Training

Volue AS

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Volue is a leading supplier of technology and enabler of the green transition. We offer software, insight and systems that lead the European markets’ transition to robust and sustainable services critical for society.Our market-leading products optimise energy production, trading, distribution and consumption, as well as infrastructure and construction projects. Our mission is to realise a cleaner and more profitable future for our 2,000+ customers and thus the global society.

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The purpose of ICH is to raise the standards of competence of the industry personnel and promote the sustainable development of hydropower
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