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SAGEN is a mixed public utility corporation, incorporated as a Public Company, of commercial character, of nationwide order. Its main corporate objectives are electric energy generation and commercialization, commercialization of natural gas by networks, and commercialization of coal, steam, and other energetics for industrial use.

In order to respond to the growing energetic demand in Colombia, ISAGEN owns and operates its own generating power with water and thermal resources. San Carlos, Jaguas, Calderas, and Miel I are hydroelectric power plants and Termocentro is a thermoelectric station.

The main services provided by ISAGEN are energetic solutions, electric energy and gas supply, and services related to three lines of work: maintenance, expansion, and energetic efficiency - with programs such as rational use of energy and energetic substitution, transactions in the energy exchange, and complementary generation services.

ISAGEN acts according to its characteristic values of corporate responsibility, economic sense, and customer focus.


Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad

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International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) is a public and non-profit institution directly under auspices of United Nations Industrial and Development Organization (UNIDO), China’s Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Commerce, as well as, ICSHP is headquarters of International Network on Small Hydro Power (INSHP), which is an international organization with more than about 400 members from 80 countries.


Independent Power Producers (IPPAN)

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Independent Power Producers’ Association, Nepal (IPPAN) was established in the year 2001 with the intention of encouraging the private sector to work in the area of hydropower in Nepal. It is a non-profit, non-government autonomous organization.

One of its main purposes is to act as a link between the private sector and government organizations involved in developing hydropower in the country so that Nepalese citizens can get the maximum benefit from the development effort.

Besides this, the organization also helps exchange technology, expertise, knowledge, financial and management information among the independent power producers in the country.

IPPAN is primarily a membership organization. The General Assembly comprises both institutional and individual members. The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors, which then formulates the plans and policies of the organization.


International Association for Small Hydro(IASH)

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The International Association for small hydro was formed in the year September 1994 with headquarters at New Delhi. The Association will draw its member from all countries who are associated with eminent engineers in the field of small hydro . The objective of the Association are : Promotion of research, planning, consulting on construction, operation of small hydro including Mini and Micro. To provide a suitable forum to the specialists planners, designers, manufacturer and users for interaction on latest development of SHP sector through organising workshops and international conferences To provide an information service by publishing course material/manuals/conference proceeding/half yearly news letters etc.

Contact: Secretary General Mr.G. N. Mathur, International Association for Small Hydro (IASH), CBIP Building Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021, Tel. : 91-11-26115984 Fax. : 91-11-26116347 E-mail :


International Hydropower Association (IHA)

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The International Hydropower Association (IHA) is a non-profit organisation with a vibrant network of members and partners active in more than 100 countries.

Since our formation in 1995, we have supported the sector on a remarkable journey, as the world’s installed hydropower capacity has grown from 625 GW to over 1,000 GW – catalysing economic development and improving people’s lives around the world.

Our mission is to advance sustainable hydropower by building and sharing knowledge on its role in renewable energy systems, responsible freshwater management and climate change solutions.

We achieve this through four strategic objectives:

• Advancing policies and strategies that strengthen the sector’s performance
• Building a vibrant, inclusive and proactive hydropower community
• Creating an open, innovative and trusted platform for knowledge
• Delivering value to members throughout the world


Institute of Energy Studies and Reseach (IESR)

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Training and Research Institution; Consultancy

Example projects; Hydro, wind, biomass etc.

  • Training on small Hydros;
    • Solar PV installation;
    • Safety in power systems;
    • Energy Efficiency;
    • Transformer installation and Maintenance;
    • Cable Jointing.
  • Consultancy in Developing Energy Master Plans


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The purpose of ICH is to raise the standards of competence of the industry personnel and promote the sustainable development of hydropower
ICH celebrating cultural diversity, Talking one common Language... with common key words;
Clean Energy, Sustainable development, Environmentally Friendly, Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary.
ICH.... Gaining through training.