Environmental, Human Rights & Governance Considerations in Renewable Energy Projects –Impact Assessment Context, Africa

31.05.2021 Carole

AFRICA ONLINE Week 23 | Date: 7 – 10 June 2021 | Application deadline: 21 May 2021 

Registration fee: 500 USD |

The renewable energy sector is leading the energy transition in Africa and is recognized as being fundamental to the sustainable recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.
In this pursuit, the region needs suitable policies, regulation, governance, and access to finance to meet its energy needs and achieve the Sustainability Development Goals.
Frameworks for helping corporations and investors to incorporate value into their investment approach are based on ESG criteria. ESG criteria have their base in internationally accepted policy, standards, and sound practice. Putting value into ESG performance requires human rights considerations.

This course directly complements the existing ESIA programmes and presents an opportunity to support the region in positioning itself to better harness the advantages of having ESG values and being human rights compliant.

Following a brief introduction to the UN Guiding Principles on Business, Human Rights and International Standards, the course will focus on human rights, impact assessment and risk reduction in projects. The emphasis will be on human rights and social risk minimisation and the maximisation of opportunities. Key
questions to be addressed include:

• What are emerging best practices regarding human rights impact assessment?
• Do impact assessments and management processes that integrate human rights effectively help to understand and address project risks?
• What mitigations are effective (including from a cost perspective)?
• What is the link between human rights and ESG criteria?






Participants will be introduced to the integration of human rights principles, risks assessment and governance in the development processes of renewable energy projects.
The course will be elaborate on key areas of integration in terms of human rights and share examples to facilitate the understanding of approaches. Key areas covered will be those of engagement needs and design, livelihood, and gender, ESG (including human rights), ecosystem services, and natural resources.

The course will also share lessons learned in relation to labour influx and to facilitate a broad exchange of information and views on social impact management in energy, resource, and infrastructure projects. The course addresses how human rights perspectives can be central in reducing conflicts and ensuring project approval.

...ICH, enhancing sustainable development of hydropower resources


  • International Standards & requirements
  • Human Rights principles – Background and overview
  • Mitigation, management & governance
  • Environmental Social Governance – compliance, regulations, and laws
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Human rights due diligence
  • Managing climate change, environmental & social risks
  • Gender & equality
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Integrity and anticorruption
  • Communication
  • Best practices & techniques




The course is best suited for and offered to participants who have participated on previous ICH Environmental Social Impact Assessment & Compliance courses for Africa, Senior Risk and Project Managers, Stakeholder Relations and HR Managers from different sectors and, where possible, representatives of the International Financial Community to engage in “off-the-record” discussions on key risks, challenges, and opportunities regarding addressing human rights and ESG considerations.



• A minimum of about 5 years working experience is required.
• Applicants should hold an applicable degree or possess relevant background knowledge.
• Proficiency in English is compulsory for all ICH Africa courses.
• Basic computer skills and internet access are imperative.
• Please ensure your application is received no later than the given deadline – 21st May 2021

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