Instrumentation and Monitoring for Dam Safety in Africa - 2021

12.03.2021 Carole

ONLINE Week 18 & 19 | Date: 6–12 May 2021 | Application deadline: 9 April 2021 

Registration fee: 500 USD |


Instrumentation and monitoring of dams and reservoirs are important concerns in dam engineering, operation and governing. 

Upon construction, instrumentation and monitoring provide important input to dam design, operation, and maintenance. A well designed and executed instrumentation and monitoring program can provide information that is needed for a solid understanding of the ongoing performance of a dam and may assist in revealing flaws and provide early warning in case of initial failure. Monitoring programs, including instrumentation and visual inspection, provide dam owners with the knowledge that a dam is performing as expected and the ability to detect a change in performance.

The latter might be as a consequence of change in loads following climate change, seismic incidents etc.

Performance monitoring as part of a comprehensive dam safety program is a powerful tool for identifying and managing the risk of failure associated with a dam. Instruments provide quantitative data regarding foundations, reservoir, tailwater, and precipitation conditions surrounding and within the dam.

A well implemented monitoring program can provide long-term records of data, allowing for a better understanding of dam performance and enables the dam owner to identify abnormal behaviour at an early stage and mitigate failure.



This pilot course is a comprehensive addition to the fundamentals covered in previous ICH Dam Safety Africa trainings. It will provide participants with in-depth practical examples of dam safety monitoring, key elements involved in designing and managing these programs, whilst offering tools for effective inspection, monitoring, risk assessment, operation, and maintenance of dams. 

Critical Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) strategies for safety will be presented.

Climate change and its impact on dam safety will be an integral part of this training.


Dam Safety Instrumentation 
Dam Monitoring for the assessment of dam safety (inspections and monitoring programme)
The role of Potential Failure Modes in dam surveillance
Developing Dam Safety Management and Dam Instrumentation and Monitoring Plan
Operation and Maintenance of an Instrumentation
Instrumentation Data Collection, Analysis, Management and Reporting
Relevant Health, Safety and Environmental issues 
Potential impacts of Climate Change 

In addition to lectures, the course will include an extensive virtual site visit, inspection and operation of dam instruments accompanied with practical exercises. 


The course is best suited for and offered to participants who have attended previous ICH Africa Dam Safety trainings.

This include dam operators, dam owners, managers and field level experts, dam surveillance engineers from water resource and energy agencies, and relevant private sector enterprises with dam operation and management responsibility and engineers working in water resources planning and multipurpose projects.


• A minimum of about 5 years working experience is required.
• Applicants should hold an applicable degree or possess relevant background knowledge.
• Proficiency in English is compulsory for all ICH Africa courses.
• Basic computer skills and internet access are imperative.
• Please ensure your application is received no later than the given deadline – 9th April 2021

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