Financial Modelling, PPA Structuring and Negotiations

16.07.2019 Carole

Malawi Week 43 | Date:  21 – 25 October, 2019 | Application deadline: September 6, 2019
Registration fee: $1000 USD | Fees includes course materials, accommodation and meals

Financial Modelling is the task of building a mathematical model designed to represent the future performance of a project, an asset or a portfolio based on facts, assumptions and projections including changes in the basic assumptions.
The modelling will apply Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) methodology with outputs like Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) and other ratios and parameters that will provide basis for decision-making with respect to investment, structuring of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and for ranking of individual projects or project alternatives.
Risk assessment and the main terms and strategy for negotiation of PPAs will be discussed.

Participants will also learn about PPA essentials including risks, how to structure PPAs, negotiating win-win solutions that will make projects bankable and facilitate obtaining financing.
The course will cover essential topics including funding mechanics, operational analysis and investment metrics. It will give a robust platform for analysis of the planning process of a project, with emphasis on the financial considerations as well as legal and institutional framework.

Participants will learn the financial modelling techniques needed to build a best practice financial model suitable for PPA structuring, investment analysis and operational scenario evaluation.

The course is designed for energy investors, Executives, Economists, Financial Analysts, Legal Advisors and those who are who involved in the sector financial forecasting models and PPAs.
Prior Knowledge of Excel is mandatory!

The course assumes participants work regularly with Excel and have a basic competency in accounting (i.e. basic knowledge of interaction of P&L, CFS and BS).

 Prior Knowledge of Excel is mandatory!
• A minimum of about 5 years of working experience is required.
• Applicants should hold an applicable degree or possess relevant background knowledge.
• Proficiency in English is compulsory for all the courses Notice of admission will be given shortly after the application closing date.
ICH reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant based on their qualifications and experience.


Participants are expected to arrive in Malawi on Sunday, 20th October and leave no earlier than Saturday 26th October 2019.
Information on travel, detailed course programme and other relevant information will be sent to all selected participants in due course.


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