Risk Management in Hydropower Development

09.05.2018 Laura Bull

Trondheim, Norway | Week 43 | Date: October 22-27 2018 | Application deadline: August 20, 2018 | Registration fee: NOK 17,000 | Arrival to Norway: October 21, 2018 | Departure: October28, 2018.  

Risk management is vital in the process of hydropower development. Managing risks helps overcome construction and operational hurdles and address the complexities of regional integration, where border politics are key for hydropower generation, purchasing and selling.

This course places particiants in the framework of international trends in risk management within the process of hydropower development. The aim is to develop participants ability to identify, qualify, evaluate and design measurements to monitor and manage different risks on a strategic level. At the end of the course, participants should be confident implementing methodologies in their own socio-cultural context.


  • Implementation and principles for hydropower risk management
  • Generating the risk management context for hydropower
  • Identifying relevant trends within risk management for developing countries
  • Global vision of the assessment of risks in hydropower projects
  • How to identify and evaluate risks
  • Construction risks and operational risks
  • Risks spread among: sponsors, host government, commercial insurance companies, international financial institutions, private sectors lender, export credit agencies
  • Political risks
  • Force majeure

The course is aimed at decision makers and executive management personnel from public agencies, ministries, water resources and power companies and private sector companies that are involved in development of hydropower projects, or are dealing with water management and energy related questions.

Participants are expected to arrive in Trondheim on Sunday, 21 October 2018, the day prior to course start; and leave Trondheim no earlier than Saturday 28 October 2018. Information on travel, detailed course programme and other relevant information will be sent to all selected participants in due course.

The course is aimed at professionals with minimum 5 years of experience in the hydropower sector, power companies, ministries, authorities, NGOs, relevant private enterprises and others working with development of water resources requiring structured knowledge of the EIA process and where CIA fits into the overall framework. Executives of power companies, ministries, water resource and energy agencies and relevant private sector enterprises with management responsibility or influence on project planning will benefit from this course. The course will also be of value to engineers working in water resources planning and multipurpose projects and the balancing between managing environmental and social impacts and optimising hydropower generation will be discussed.

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