The process of Social Impact Assessment

06.11.2016 Laura Bull

Trondheim, Norway, 24-28 April 2017
Application deadline: 28 February 2017
Registration fee: NOK 17 000

Course objectives
The course will introduce the participants to procedures that should be followed in order to comply with today’s requirements for a sound social impact assessment process, including strategic priorities and national guidelines, and to provide tools for planning hydropower and other water-related projects in the best possible way on a national, regional and local level.

Course contents
• Background and development of SIA
• Impact assessment methodologies
• Baseline data and mitigation measures
• Stakeholder consultation process
• Resettlement
• Livelihood development
• Health issues
• The role of NGO’s and monitoring
• Environmental and technical issues
• Indigenous peoples and vulnerable groups
• Institutional strengthening and capacity building
• Financial and budget issues
• Corporate social responsibility

Target group
The course is aimed at power companies, ministries, authorities, NGO’s, relevant private enterprises and others working with development of water resources re-quiring structured knowledge of the SIA process. Executives of power companies, ministries, water resource and energy agencies and relevant private sector enterprises with management responsibility or influence on project planning will benefit from this course. The course will also be of value to engineers working in water resources planning and multipurpose projects.

Course dates
Participants are expected to arrive in Trondheim on Sunday, 23 April, and leave Trondheim no earlier than Saturday 29 April 2017. Information on travel, detailed course programme and other relevant information will be sent to all selected participants in due course.

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