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25.04.2017 Laura Bull

Join global leaders in sustainability to pave the future of hydropower development

ICH members in Colombia and Latin America welcome global hydropower practitioners to Medellin, Colombia, the city of Everlasting Spring. Located in the northwest region of Colombia, Medellin provides the ideal setting for ICH's 2017 Conference: Enhancing Sustainability in Hydropower Development. The Conference will include pre-conference training courses on topics of global relevance:

  • Due diligence for hydropower projects
  • Prevention and administration of social and environmental conflicts
  • Sedimentation workshops
  • Small hydropower development

Over the three days of the conference, international renewable energy practitioners and experts will share a space where sustainability knowledge and business will meet to engage in constructive dialogue on the following conference topics:



 Sustainable expansion

Renewable energy matrices in the region: hydro and other renewable energy sources

Innovative hydropower projects in emerging economies

Industry- Academia cooperation


Climate Change and Hydropower potential in the region and in the world

Potential for Hydropower Capacity in Latin America Countries. Challenges in planning and implementing large and small scale hydros.

Small Hydros. Technical and scale issues. Is small best? Innovative case studies. Incentives for sustainable development

Climate change challenges. Adaptation and mitigation for hydros.

Climate Research:

  • Environment
  • Social Aspects, Flood
  • Generation
  • Dam Safety

Hydro Technology. New developments in hydro turbines and generators


Hydropower Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of hydroelectric power plants.


Socio-environmental best practices for the industry

Social and Environmental considerations for sound hydro projects:

  • planning in complex social environments
  • stakeholder engagement
  • public awareness
  • environmental challenges

Biodiversity in Hydropower Development. Management of species. Offsets. Lessons learned

Managing Hydropower. Challenges. Gaining trough training. New trends for hydro practitioners


Business and investment offers in Colombia and Latin America for the hydropower industry

Financial Challenges for Sustainable Hydropower schemes.

Innovative hydropower projects in emerging economies


Institutional challenges.

Regional Inteconnection. Challenges, opportunities.


Governance of the water resources in the region

Managing Risks in hydropower – Emergency preparedness and public safety

Integrated regional development

  • water rights and usage issues
  • energy trading)

ICH members in Colombia have also organized three post-conference technical tours for delegates. The tours will feature projects illustrating social and environmental best practices in the area and improvement of governance of water resources.


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